Planning Approval for the “Craves”

We are proud to announce our recent (April 2012) successful Planning Approval for “The Craves”, Little Harrowden, Northamptonshire.

The proposal consists of a revolutionary new “Eco”dwelling with an associated 20kWp solar photovoltaic array at Little Harrowden. The scheme was developed by Home Revolution to meet the stringent tests of Planning Policy Statement 7 (now superceeded by the new National Planning  Policy Framework), and gained Planning Approval without being referred to the Secretary of State. This represents another major success in securing planning approval for an exemplary home on agricultural land.

The Craves is a bespoke dwelling which is truly outstanding and groundbreaking in its use and combination of technology and design minimising energy use and generating its own energy. Its design is of the highest standard of contemporary architecture nestling into the topography of the site, on the edge of an existing lake, and integrating with the surrounding landscape both visually and physically in its operation.

We have a number of other projects in design development, which are currently progressing through the Planning process.


Please check back at a later date or contact us for further information.