The Dumble - Section

The Home-Revolution team comprises Robin Hamilton of Robin Hamilton Consultancy, Ian Bevan of CadenzaVM, David Merton and Kay Davies of Fisher German. See here for Profiles.

Via a combination of innovative concepts, energy-efficiency, sustainability and outstanding architectural design, we can also help clients achieve planning consent for sites that would normally be considered unlikely to obtain it.

Our design and build solutions minimise energy requirements and maximise renewable energy sources, resulting in energy efficient / self-sufficient buildings.

By providing compelling information and highly detailed imagery at an early stage, we aim to generate support for our projects, which can often pre-empt other parties from reaching possible negative conclusions; this can also assist in planning applications.

Key factors in our service and delivery:

  • Imaginative thinking
  • Visual impact is provided via innovative design and use of materials, rather than costly, bespoke features
  • Integrated management of the internal environment, renewable energy sources and built-in energy storage.
  • Pro-active communication with client and all other parties
  • Advanced computer-generated imagery enables the internal environment and impact on the external environment to be illustrated in great detail. This valuable tool allows clients to make quick design amends and provides all parties with peace of mind.
  • Sensitivity to local factors including planning guidelines, topography, natural resources and likely perception from other parties
  • Site-enhancing proposals that can be regarded as exemplars for similar opportunities.
  • Flexibility – from cutting edge sustainable design and technology, to enhancement of traditional designs and existing builds.