We offer a complete service, from initial concept to final planning consent. This capability can provide exceptional uplift in site value for our clients and quite literally doesn’t cost the earth.

Our service includes provision of original concepts, their development to final design, all required drawings and imagery, technical and structural calculations, liaison with all interested parties, submission of planning applications and follow through of work as required.

If our input is requested on existing projects, it may be specific in detail or broad based. If specific, we apply the appropriate skills and experience. If broad based, for example in helping to overcome procedural, creative or planning obstacles, or where an alternative view on design or concept may help, we try to provide the actual means, an appropriate solution or a catalyst.

We use accurate computer modeling to produce all required drawings, to check tolerances and component compatibility. Drawings can be produced from the model and exported to subcontractors or suppliers as required; a bill of materials is also possible.

Home Revolution Limited also has exclusive rights to the Verified Visual Montage or VVM© technique outside London, and as used by CadenzaVM. This produces accurate and realistic computer generated images that look like photographs of the completed project. This is particularly effective with planning authorities and other interested parties who need to know what the finished project will look like.