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I'm Wyatt, and I started Home Revolution after an adventurous and hard journey into home ownership. When I bought my first home, I saw there was very little out there in terms of sincere help for homeowners. It was confusing to find who to call for what help. After that, it was hours and hours of research, calling around, asking friends which professionals were the most trustworthy and effective. It was exhausting after a full day of work, and I still needed time for my family.

After years of figuring out the ropes by myself, I decided there should be something more streamlined for us homeowners. I got together with a small group of homeowners with the intent to create a "neighborhood" type system where we could lend support, find answers, and connect homeowners to the best Home Revolution and the best deals.

This brainchild became what Home Revolution at homeprofessionals.org is today. We are a network of homeowners just like you, and we're here to help connect you with the trusted professionals that can help make your house a home.


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